Why Property?


In the next 20 years the number of UK households is expected to reach 28 million – an increase of around 250,000 households each year. During the same period, single person households will increase by a further 3.2 million – accounting for 20% of all households – placing an even greater demand on available housing stocks.

keeping pace with

The latest Government estimates suggest that around 232,000 new properties need to be built in England every year just keep pace with demand, however the number of new homes being built is now at the lowest levels since the 1920’s.

Why HMOs

  • A HMO is a house of multiple occupation, where individuals share communal facilities
  • HMOs often have bedrooms downstairs and additional kitchens and bathrooms where required
  • Bills are normally payed for by the landlord, making rooms affordable
  • Rental prices have increased, so more professionals are sharing rooms
  • There is a huge shortage of affordable housing in the UK with over 1.37 million people on a waiting list
  • Housing Associations & Charities are looking for socially and ethically responsible landlords
  • We have built an investment model to provide safe, clean and sustainable housing for elderly & homeless people, ensuring it is compliant with HMO standards.
  • The properties are selected in areas where demand is high for professional lets medical staff and student lets, which makes the investment future proof as there are various rental streams available.

Since 2002, demand for rental property has almost doubled. Rental properties currently account for just 11% of the total housing stock, which is great news for buy-to-let investors, particularly whilst rental yields are rising.